Aseem Kishore


You've reached the site of Aseem Kishore, a fourth-year undergrad at MIT majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. The site is under construction, but feel free to take a look around.

[Note that this is not the Aseem Kishore that runs the site Online Tech Tips.]

What I'm Doing

Spring Term 2008

I'm a TA this term for 6.005 Software Construction, a new class which replaces the old 6.170. I'm also taking a full load of classes, including 6.831 User Interfaces, 6.833 Human Intelligence Enterprise and 6.087 Hack Android. It's going to be a packed (but fun) semester!

IAP/January 2008

I spent the first two weeks of IAP teaching 6.189 Intro to Programming, the new Course 6 class aimed at freshmen who've never programmed before. I'm spending the remaining two weeks competing in the new 6.470 Web Programming Competition. Update: My teammates and I won 3rd place in the competition!